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I'm Nerbert Fekkes, living and working in Portsmouth (United Kingdom).

I graduated in 2007 from the NHL University of Applied Sciences, specializing in Software Engineering. The graduation project was done at Khaeon Games, working on The Chronicles of Spellborn.


Programming is something I've been doing since the first day we got a computer when I was about 11 years old. Since that time I've been using various languages like QBasic, Pascal, Delphi and later on some PHP as well. The languages I'm using these days are mainly C++/C#

Because of my passion for games, I've done some programming on various projects involving games. Since 2002 I've been interested in the Homebrew scene of the Gameboy Advance and experimented heavily on the platform. In 2004 I've done a few small tasks for the GameBoy Advance title Metal Wings, a school project with a few students. During my internship at Engine Software I got in touch with the Nintendo DS and created a prototype for Wade Hixton's Counter Punch 2, a sequel to the first part which was developed on the GameBoy Advance.

After my internship at Engine Software, I continued to work there part-time on various Nintendo DS titles. For the latest school project, I created a game called 'Army of Darkness' which became a 3D Real Time Strategy game with the theme from the movie 'Army of Darkness'.

I've been working at Spellborn Works for about 3 years on an MMORPG called The Chronicles of Spellborn (A trailer with some highlights of spellborn can be seen here and a preview of the slywood area here).

After Spellborn I moved on to work on a new Virtual World / MMO, called Galactik Football, based on the Galactik Football IP at the game studio called Virtual Fairground.


I'm now working as a game programmer at Climax Studios, where I've been working on various titles. See which games I've worked on here.

In my free time I am studying Chinese, doing Origami, working on my own games and looking at doing some iPhone game development.


Looking for a Senior Game Programming role at a fun company creating the next top games.

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  • Army of Darkness
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  • Hydralisk
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