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我是Nerbert Fekkes,在海牙工作和生活(荷兰海牙)。

我2007年毕业于NHL University of Applied Sciences的应用科学专业,专门从事软件工程。毕业设计是在Khaeon游戏公司工作,现在工作是魔咒编年史


编程是我一直以来想做的工作。我们家在我11岁买了第一个电脑,自那时以来,我一直在研究和使用不同的语言,如QBasic ,Pascal, Delphi和后来的PHP 等等。我现在主要使用的语言是 C / C + +和Java 。

因为我热爱游戏,我已经做了一些关于游戏的各种编程的项目。自2002年以来,我一直感兴趣的是Homebrew scene of the Gameboy Advance(家酿男孩进展视频游戏)和大量的实验平台。 2004年,我和几个同学在学校做过一些项目,标题为Metal Wings(金属的翅膀)的男孩进展游戏。实习期间,我在Engine Software接触了Nintendo DS并为Wade Hixton's Counter Punch 2建立了一个原型,是GameBoy Advance(男孩进展)第一部分的续集

Engine Software引擎软件的实习完成后,我继续在Nintendo DS做兼职工作。关于最新的学校项目,我创建了一个游戏'Army of Darkness'成为一个3D实时战略游戏, 其主题来自电影'Army of Darkness' 。

I've been working at Spellborn Works for about 3 years on an MMORPG called The Chronicles of Spellborn (A trailer with some highlights of spellborn can be seen here and a preview of the slywood area here).

After Spellborn I moved on to work on a new Virtual World / MMO, called Galactik Football, based on the Galactik Football IP at the game studio called Virtual Fairground.


I'm now working as a game programmer at Climax Studios, where I've been working on various titles. See which games I've worked on here.

In my free time I am studying Chinese, doing Origami, working on my own games and looking at doing some iPhone game development.


Looking for a Senior Game Programming role at a fun company creating the next top games.

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  • Hydralisk
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